SeekOneMM Large-well Single Cell Transcriptome-seq Kit

Product Features

  • Chip Innovation: SeekOneMM utilizes microwell technology to isolate and label 500-3,000 single cells, enabling high-throughput single cell transcriptome profiling of large cells.
  • Large Cell Optimization: SeekOneMM is specifically designed for large cells, such as megakaryocytes, osteoclasts, and macrophages, which are difficult to analyze using conventional single cell transcriptome profiling methods.
  • Comprehensive Transcriptome Coverage: SeekOneMM provides full-length transcript coverage, allowing for more accurate gene expression quantification and identification of splice junctions.
  • Sensitive and Reproducible: SeekOneMM is a highly sensitive and reproducible method for single cell transcriptome profiling, providing researchers with reliable data to support their research.

SeekOne Chip single cell capture and labelling :

The process begins with the utilization of microwells to partition single cells. After cell lysis, the RNA molecules are captured by the barcoded beads, providing each transcript with a unique cell barcode (CB) and a unique molecular identifier (UMI). The beads are then collected for subsequent reverse transcription and amplification. After that, a single cell library compatible with Illumina and MGI sequencers is constructed for high-throughput sequencing.


  • Large Cell Development and Differentiation: SeekOneMM can be used to study the development and differentiation of large cells, such as megakaryocytes, osteoclasts, and macrophages.
  • Large Cell Function and Disease: SeekOneMM can be used to study the function of large cells in health and disease, providing insights into the mechanisms of large cell-mediated diseases and potential therapeutic targets.
  • Large Cell Immune Response: SeekOneMM can be used to study the immune response of large cells, such as macrophages and dendritic cells, providing insights into the mechanisms of host defense and inflammation.